Haya By Rabi is an Islamic Wear Abaya brand established under Rabi Pirzada Foundation.

Origin Story:–

Today I will like to share with you guys why “HAYA BY RABI” came in to being. During my Social work I came across many ladies who were poor and due to the current pandemic situation in our country were out of job. They wanted to work not just charity. So I and my partner in this project come up with an idea in which we can help these ladies to earn a respectable earning.

The Core value of our Islamic wear brand is to “empower others” and the vision of our brand is to ensure that the world is once again comfortable and eager to buy things with the tag “Made in Pakistan”. In our cloth production we are working towards making these talented ladies our vendors. So they can have handsome living means and they are not depended on others for charity.

Why Haya by Rabi:-

Many people might think why should we choose “Haya by Rabi” for their shopping for me. The answer is simple we as a company take pride in being a Pakistani company and ensuring all the work is being done locally. That way we are helping each other to grow. So if you want to be play your part in the growth and promoting made in Pakistan you are at the right place.

What we do:-

Our core work is on Islamic clothing’s, Tasbeeh’s and hand made products. We will be “IN SHAA ALLAH” promoting all the cultural products developed by our in house local venders. We take pride in being Pakistani and working towards developing people’s faith in made in Pakistan products around the world once again.

Our lines:

So far we have launched two abaya lines one was black and one was red. Alhamdulillah both were sold out in 5 days respectively

Where we are:

To visit our online store click following link.